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In the [[Generation I]] games there is [[Pokémon Red and Green beta|unused]] Trainer data for Prof. Oak. This implies that Oak was originally going to be able to be battled. In the data, Oak has Level 66 {{p|Tauros}}, Level 67 {{p|Exeggutor}}, Level 68 {{p|Arcanine}}, Level 70 {{p|Gyarados}} and one of Kanto [[Starter Pokémon|starters]] at Level 69. This places his strength on-par with the player's rival and the Pokémon League champion. As well, four of his Pokémon are identical to the ones used by the champion, only higher level, so originally Oak may have been intended to be in the game as the champion, or at least another high-ranking trainer. This is supported by an email on the PC in Oak's lab, from the Pokémon League issuing a challenge to all trainers, then specifically requesting Oak come visit them.
Apparently,via [[glitch]] oak can be battled.
===Fame Checker===
This is a list of the [[Fame Checker]]'s information on Professor Oak in {{game|FireRed and LeafGreen|s}}.