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Relation to the main anime
However, [[Mewtwo Strikes Back|the first]] movie is considered fully canon due to the fact that it had several ties with the main series around the time [[Ash]] challenged the [[Viridian Gym]] and that the movie also had a convenient plot device to maintain continuity within the show (e.g., everyone forgot about what happened). ''[[Lucario and the Mystery of Mew]]'' was also made partially canon during [[DP071]] and [[DP072]] where it is confirmed that Ash can use [[Aura]] which was introduced in the movie. Also, ''[[Destiny Deoxys]]'' is at least somewhat canon due to the events in it movie being referenced, as well as the fact that the hometown of [[Drew|one of May's rivals]] is the setting as the movie. [[The Power of One|The second movie]] is at least somewhat canon due to Ash and James mentioning seeing [[Lugia (Power of One)|a Lugia]] in the Orange Islands.
The eighth movie is also partial cannon. In DP071, Ash uses aurora, which viewers first learn that he is capable of using in the movie.
==Long specials==