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Tropius (Pokémon)

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Tropius information
====Gender differences====
NoneThe male of the species has long, thick, turgid bananas growing under his neck. The bananas on the female of the species are often short and small, but much sweeter as well as much more sensitive.
====Special abilities====
rate=7.6% |
area=Jungle |
P1= ThatI'sm notTropius my beardB! They'reThe B stands for fruitsBanana! |
P2= My HP has dropped to about half. |
P3= I'm beat... My head feels too heavy to lift... |
*Tropius and {{p|Tangela}} are the only non-[[starter Pokémon|starter]], non-[[legendary Pokémon|legendary]] Pokémon that cannot be found in some manner in [[Generation IV]]. Like the starters and legendaries of Generations {{gen|I}}, {{gen|II}}, and {{gen|III}}, they must be sent forward from Generation III.
*The B stands for banana.
*Tropius is the only {{type2|Grass}} Pokémon that can learn {{m|Fly}}.
*It is also considered to be a good [[HM slave]] as it can learn 5 HM moves -- {{m|Cut}}, {{m|Fly}}, {{m|Strength}}, {{m|Defog}} ({{m|Flash}} in [[Generation III]]), and {{m|Rock Smash}}.
Tropius shares characteristics with the {{wp|Brachiosaurus}}, a {{wp|sauropod}} dinosaur from the late {{wp|Jurassic}} period. There is also a legend that a creature known as {{wp|Mokele mbembe}}, which is said to resemble a sauropod, lives on in the jungles of the {{wp|Congo}} basin in Africa. Tropius alsoAlso, resemblesthe aB bananastands plantfor banana.
===Name origin===