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Alert traps
==List of traps by function==
===Alert traps===
Alert traps send messages to everyone in the underground. The trap is otherwise harmless, and allows the player to regain control immediately. Alert Traps 1 and 2 send "hello" and "good-bye" messages respectively. Alert Trap 3 sends a message stating one is heading to the [[Union Room]], and Alert Trap 4 sends a message to come to one's location. Alert traps come in pastel colors when set by the player. Trap merchants will usually purchase Alert Traps for Pale Spheres.
*Alert Trap 1
*Alert Trap 1
*Alert Trap 2
*Alert Trap 3
*Alert Trap 4
===Bubble traps===
Bubble traps create many bubbles around the player. After they all have been popped with the touch screen, the player can move again. The Bubble Trap makes more bubbles than the Foam Trap.