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In the '''[[PokémonPokémon TCG]]''', there are three types of cards players can use to build their decks with; "PokémonPokémon", "Trainers" and "Energy".
*'''PokémonPokémon''' cards are the creatues you use to do battle with. Each PokémonPokémon card has some combination of attacks and "PokémonPokémon Power", these are used to either disrupt your opponent or give you the winning edge.
*'''Trainer''' cards generally have a one time effect and are then discarded.
*'''Energy''' cards is the "fuel" necessary for your Pokémon to attack. If your PokémonPokémon has no Energy cards attached to it, it cannot attack!
Each of these cards themselves have their own subtypes as well.
* '''PokémonPokémon''' cards include both "Basic" and "Evolution" Pokémon.
* '''Trainer''' cards include regular trainer cards, "Stadium" cards, "PokéPoké Tool" cards, "Technical Machine" cards, and others
* '''Energy''' cards include Basic and Special Energy cards.