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=In the Anime=
In [[Kanto]], Brock took [[Ash]] and [[Misty]] to [[ScissorsScissor Street]], a district of salons and supply stores geared towards Pokémon Breeders. Brock finally found what he was looking for - Susie's salon. Brock tried to introduce himself, but was too shy.
Misty noticed Susie's [[Brock's Vulpix|Vulpix]] and tried to pet it, but ended up getting burned by the tempermental Pokémon's attacks. Susie explained that Vulpix didn't like being handled by strangers.
Susie turned Brock down, saying that she was just too busy to take on students. Susie invited everyone to lunch, where she noted [[Ash's Pikachu|Pikachu]]'s healthy coat. Brock hapily announced that he personally prepared the mouse's food. Vulpix ate some of Pikachu's food, and Brock was so flattered and honored by this that he slammed his head into the table why bowing before the {{t|Fire}}-[[type]] Pokémon.
Misty brought up the topic of some flashy Pokémon they had seen on ScissorsScissor Street, and Susie explained that they were customers of Salon Rocket, a flashy beauty parlor that had been attracting all of Susie's usual customers. Apparently, making Pokémon look flashy was a new fad that had been taking the area by storm. Ash doesn't like the idea of dressing up Pokémon. An angered Misty said the idea was great, and decided to take her [[Misty's Psyduck|Psyduck]] over to the rival parlor just to spite Ash.
Susie said that she usually put emphasis on substance over style, but she had began to question her meathods when Salon Rocket had began to rise in popularity.