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We All Live in a Pokémon World…

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:''This article is about a fansite. The title may also apply to a line in [[Pokémon World (song)]].''
== Site History ==
'''We All Live in a Pokémon World...''' ([]) (search "We All Live in a Pokemon World") came online in 2000 with the purpose of dispelling the rumors and accusations brought against Pokémon by parents, teachers and special interest groups at the height of the phenomenon. A teacher at the time, webmistress Kimberly decided to learn the truth behind the rumors. We All Live in a Pokémon World... was created not only to defend Pokémon and its fans, but to educate its opponents by offering unique viewpoints and providing specific examples from the Pokémon games and anime (Recommended epsiodesepisodes, etc). The site was resurrected in 2003, when new issues arose, and has been an active voice for Pokémon ever since, emphasizing a peaceful existence between fans and opponents as an easy-to-use mediator.
== Issues Covered ==
'''Pokémon in the Classroom''' - Exposes how Pokémon items were often singled out, with trading cards being banned from schools while other character-based toys were not. Also covers how Pokémon was blamed for students poor grades as well as its triumphant return to schools via Pokémon Learning League.
'''The Idiot's Guide to Pokémon''' - Informs parents and critics of the importance of researching Pokémon's background before passing judgementjudgment, as well as taking the time to understand their children's interest.
'''Pokémon: The Best Animal Show You're Not Watching''' - Focuses on the bond between humans and Pokémon, as well as an overall respect for nature and living being and similar animal issues illustrated in the Pokémon world, yet never having been acknowledged by animal experts.
'''There Are No Bad Pokémon''' - DispellsDispels the rumors that some Pokémon are inherently evil and a trainer's role in a Pokémon's behavior.
'''In Defense of Pokémon''' - Overview of the dangers of prejudiced against Pokémon and other past controversial trends.
'''For the Love of Pokémon''' - The importance of Pokémon fandom.