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*Like Ash, Dawn is extremely confident, but unlike Ash she rarely looks back on her mistakes, and she is always looking to the future hoping that her dream of being a master coordinator comes true (just like Ash when he started out).
*Dawn is the only main character in the series, aside from Ash, who owns an {{t|Electric}} Pokémon.
*Like Ash is based on {{ga|Red}}, the protagonist from [[Pokémon Red and Blue]], Dawn is based on {{ga|Dawn}} from [[Pokémon Diamond and Pearl]].
[[Image:Pearlshippy.PNG|thumb|right|Scene from ''[[The Rise of Darkrai]]'']]
*Neither the father of Ash nor the father of Dawn have ever been seen, as far as we know. They are also the only children known not to have siblings.
*Ash and Dawn both come from the [[Player character|player's]] hometowns in their respective region.
*They both have childhood rivals, Ash's is [[Gary Oak]] and Dawn's is Kenny.
*Though Ash had previously participated in an unofficial Pokémon contest before, he first participated in an official contest at the same time as Dawn.