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Lugia (Aquapolis 149)

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| [[Image:Rare_rareRarity Rare.gifpng|Rare Holographic]]H
!English Card No.
| 149/147
'''Lugia''' (Japanese: '''ルギア''' ''Lugia'') is a {{TCGct|Colorless}}-type Basic Pokémon card. It is part of the {{TCG|Aquapolis}} set.
==Card text==
{{Cardattack |
cost=<small>[Poké-BODY]</small> |
{{Cardattack |
cost={{e|Psychic}}{{e|Fire}} |
*This Lugia is one of the elite, secret subset of the {{TCG|Skyridge}} and {{TCG|Aquapolis}} sets known as the {{TCG|Crystal Pokémon}}. These cards are extremely hard to come by, and are easily the rarest cards in the two sets. This particular card is one of the rarer of them.
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