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(→‎Plot: May cuddles her Eevee after Johnathan says it's healthy.)
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A train roars down the track, forcing the trio to dash for the train platform. A station attendant scolds them for playing on the tracks, so the trio flee from the station to avoid further trouble. With the now bustling town in front of them, they quickly come to realize that they've been transported back in time to the exact moment when Edna's husband begins his departure. As they begin to try to explain the situation to each other, Edna's husband walks passed and enters the station. May sprints into action, hoping to change Edna’s future for the better. However, the same attendant from before stops them walking onto the platform and removes them for the station. As Edna reads the letter left by her husband and heads for the station, May and Meowth hop inside a hot air balloon and ascend into the air. The last calls for the train are heard as Squirtle begins to aims its {{m|Ice Beam}} at the sky. As hoped, a faint snow begins to fall, causing the train to delay its departure. Edna successfully reaches the station and this time manages to find Jonathan to inform him that she is pregnant. Edna and her husband walk outside to notice the solitary fir tree covered in snow and glistening with color, created by {{p|Volbeat}} and {{p|Illumise}} in a courtship dance. The town has dubbed this phenomenon as the "Lights of Joy".
The mysterious light emits from the amulet once more as May and Meowth are then returned to their own time. The trio are again forced to flee the tracks to safety as a train approaches. As they walk outside, Fuchsia City is now flourishing with citizens as Ash and friends rush over to May's location and alert her that her Egg is about to hatch. They rush to the Pokémon Center where they are greeted by Pokémon pediatricians Edna and her husband Jonathan, who are helping the Egg hatch. May is startled by the array of changes resulting from her trip to the past, as neither Edna, now with her locket around her neck, or Katrina recognize her. As the Egg grows ever so brightly, the light begins to dissipate to reveal an {{TP|May|Eevee}}. Jonathan remarks that Eevee is healthy before handing it to May, who ends up embracefully cuddling the Eevee. Outside the Center, Jessie and James confront Meowth as they prepare to capture Pikachu. Meowth, having traveled back in time to rewrite Edna's tragic past and watched Eevee hatch, declares that he has no interest at the moment and promptly walks off. His teammates are left baffled. As night befalls, the fir tree glistens with the "Lights of Joy". With her newly forged friendship between Eevee and herself, and seeing Edna happy with Jonathan, May looks forward to the adventures and battles that await her.
==Major events==