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===Unusable movesAvailability===
{{main|List of moves by availability (Generation VII)}}
{{main|List of moves by availability (Generation VIII)}}
InStarting each game sincewith [[Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!]], alleach ofgame theremoves moves that cannotaren't beintended learned byfor any Pokémon to learn within the game, aremaking almostthem alwaysunusable. madeOnly in {{g|Sword and Shield}} can Pokémon legitimately know unusable moves, withas {{g|HOME}} does not reset the exceptionmoves of somePokémon event-exclusivetransferred movesto dependingthose ongames thefrom gameprevious generations. If a Pokémon knows an unusable move (e.g. due to being transferred from [[Pokémon HOME]]), it will not be able to use it. If the Pokémon's only moves are unusable, it will instead use {{m|Struggle}}. If the move is forgotten, a [[Move Reminder]] will not be able to teach it again, even if it is a special move that the Pokémon normally would be able to relearn.
==In other games==