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I wasn't doubting it was named after a number, in fact I was saying quite the oposite. And as for the secret, that was way back when there was no johto, so there was no need to call it anything other then the world of pokemon because there were no other regions. Now they named the island after numbers so people could remember them easier, nothing more. And again, why would they call a city an "island"? The signs are simply nicknames, and I don't think they ever meant them to be anything more. If it's your prefrence, you can call them knot island and such, but they should be called one island (and such) first and knot island (and co) second. And just remember, you can get to navel rock from emerald too, and while it and birth island are usualy grouped together with the sevii islands, they are not part of the origional seven. [[User:Noname|Noname]]
:Then how come they bothered to mention it in the Japanese games? Are you saying the region wasn't Kanto until Gen II, then?
:No, they named the ''cities'' after numbers. Hover over them. What is "ONE ISLAND"? The freaking CITY. Not the whole damn island.
:As for the signposts being "just nicknames", I suppose it's just a nickname that New Bark is where winds of a ''[[Generation II|new beginning]]'' blow? Because it couldn't be the starting town of Gen II. The signs mean ''nothing'', '''ever''', right?
:Not part of the original seven as well? Ha! They're in the middle of the fricking maps. That's like saying Southern Island isn't part of Hoenn.
:They stay at their current names. There's no reason for them to be moved, and if anyone searches [[One Island]] notice that they get a disambiguation page anyway, which they would even if the pages were at their numeral names. '''[[User:TTEchidna|<span style="color:#FF0000">''TTE''</span>]][[User talk:TTEchidna|chidna]]''' 00:14, 1 May 2008 (UTC)
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