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When the player first enters Motostoke, they must largely stick to the main road and cannot leave by one of the northern exits. The way to the Uniform Shop to the left is blocked by a group of NPCs, the path left of Motostoke Stadium is blocked by a group of fans excited for the upcoming [[Galar League|Gym Challenge]] opening ceremony, the {{rt|3|Galar}} exit is blocked by a League staff member, and the [[Motostoke Outskirts]] exit is blocked by a tired [[Flying Taxi]] {{p|Corviknight}}. This requires the player to enter Motostoke Stadium.
The player and Hop sign up for the Gym Challenge and the player picks their uniform number; they are then informed to book a room at the Budew Drop Inn in preparation for the opening ceremony tomorrow. (Upon exiting the stadium and upon approaching the front of the inn, two very brief scenes play where a League staff member shows the player the direction of the inn. After this second scene, NPCs no longer block any part of Motostoke and the whole city becomes accessible. The {{p|Wooloo}} at the [[Wild Area Station]] also no longer block the train tracks at this time. The player still cannot leave by one of the northern exits as the {{rt|3|Galar}} exit is blocked by a League staff member.)
The inn's check-in desk is blockedobstructed by [[Team Yell]] Grunts; talking to any Grunt will have the team offer a battle, which the player may accept or temporarily decline. After all four have been defeated, talking to the receptionist will play a cutscene that automatically progresses to the next morning. (The player's team is healed overnight.)
Upon leaving the inn, a League staff member will offer to escort/warp the player in front of Motostoke Stadium, though the player can decline. After talking to the front desk League staff inside the stadium, the player will automatically change into their uniform; the opening ceremony will then play out. (The entirety of the ceremony is skipped if the player has turned on Skip Movies in the [[Options]].) The player can now head west for {{rt|3|Galar}} after a battle with Hop near the exit.