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After taking the lift, the player must enter the Motostoke Stadium. Attempting to detour to the left causes the player to be blocked by a group of fans excited for the upcoming [[Galar League|Gym Challenge]] opening ceremony, while attemping to detour to the right causes the player to be shooed away by a tired [[Flying Taxi]] {{p|Corviknight}}. When approaching the stadium, [[Hop]] will appear and briefly tell the player about his own excitement before he enters the stadium.
Entering the stadium will begin a cutscene where the player and Hop briefly encounter [[Bede]] for the first time (though he is not named) and the two then present their [[Endorsement]]s to sign up for the Gym Challenge. The player picks their uniform number at this time. The player and Hop are informed that they may book a room at the [[Budew Drop Inn]] for the night in preparation for the opening ceremony tomorrow, and exiting the stadium plays a very brief scene where a League staff member shows the player the direction of the inn.<!--TODO: I'm trying to find out at exactly what moment the Wooloo stop blocking the tracks leaving the Wild Area Station. After backtracking, they're still blocked at this point.-->
==Places of interest==