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=====Dialga (recurring)=====
A Dialga appeared in ''[[JN089|The Gates of Warp!]]'' and ''[[JN090|Showdown at the Gates of Warp!]]'', where it was a target of [[Alternate World Team Rocket]], along with {{OBP|Palkia|recurring}}. Using a [[Red Chain]], Team Rocket forced the two [[Legendary Pokémon]] to fight, creating time distortions that caused Pokémon to start [[Devolution|devolving]] and eventually revert into {{pkmn|Egg}}s, which Team Rocket would then steal and raise to be their own. The battle was finally stopped when Ash, {{an|Dawn}}, [[Goh]], [[Chloe]], and their alternate world counterparts prayed for {{p|Arceus}} to do so. Freed from the Red Chain, Dialga and Palkia then undid all the devolutions their battle had caused.
=====[[Primal Dialga]]=====