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(Well in that case, this should be added.)
'''Nito''' (Japanese: '''ニトウ''' ''Nitō'') is a [[character of the day]] who appeared in ''[[JN080|Trial on a Golden Scale!]]''. He first appeared running away from a {{p|Ferrothorn}} that was chasing him. {{Ash}} and [[Goh]] saved him when Goh defeated it with {{TP|Goh|Cinderace}}, allowing Goh to catch it. Nito continued to explore the mine with Ash and Goh, where they came across a batch of {{p|Larvesta}} {{pkmn|Egg}}s. After getting his {{p|Galvantula}} to trap Ash and Goh with {{m|Sticky Web}}, Nito revealed himself to be a [[Pokémon poacher]] and was preparing to steal the eggs when two Larvesta attacked, defeating his Galvantula and causing Nito to run.
As Ash and Goh left the mine, Nito and his henchmen stopped them. As they were about to launch an attack, they were stopped by the arrival of [[Quillon]] and [[Danika]] from [[Project Mew]] who were able to defeat their Pokémon with their {{p|Urshifu}}. Afterwards, Nito and his henchmen were sent to [[Officer Jenny]] to be arrested and his Pokémon to be released back into the wild.