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* In Generations I, II, and III, the Gym is shaped like the female gender symbol (♀), representing its all-female population of Gym Trainers.
* In Generation IV, just like in [[rain]], {{t|Water}}- and {{type|Grass}} [[walking Pokémon]] will feel very happy under the Gym's showers, while {{t|Fire}}-, {{t|Ground}}-, and {{type|Rock}} Pokémon will feel unhappy.
* In {{game|Yellow}}, if the player uses {{m|Cut}} on the bottom tree and battles the {{tc|Ace Trainer|Cooltrainer}} directly north of it, after the battle, the cut tree will have respawnrespawned. If the {{ga|Red's Pikachu|player's Pikachu}} is present in the overworld, it will be standing on the tree. This won't prevent the player from using Cut on the tree, however.
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