Difference between revisions of "Move data structure (Generation III)"

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* '''Accuracy''' obviously determines move's accuracy. Divide this value by 256 to get the actual accuracy. The fact that it is divided bby 256 explains why moves like Swift will sometimes fail while their value for accuracy is set to 0xFF (255). They have a 1/256 chance of failing. This value is set to 0 to reach 100% accuracy.
* '''Effect accuracy''' determines probability that the effect associated with a given move will happen. Divide this value by 100 to get the actual effect's accuracy. So that, for instance, a value of 100 gives you 100% chances for the effect to trigger. For yet-unknowned reasons, some moves have this value set to 0 which results in 100% accuracy as well.
* '''Affects whom''' determines who the move will hit on a 2 on 2 battle. It can be selected target, user, both foes, random foe, both foes and partner, field, opponent field (Spikes) and last opponent who moved. The following table indicates which value matches a certain target type.