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Happy JuneNovember!
As [[Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl]] officially hit store shelves, we have some Bulbapedia updates to share.
As we continue to smooth out the final kinks with our recent upgrade to MediaWiki 1.35, we are happy to share that a few of the reported issues from the initial release have been resolved. The issue involving broken functions related to user emails have been resolved.
This year, Bulbapedia will not be locking down for the new game release. It looks like these games won't introduce mechanical differences that will require big changes to pages as we've seen in times past. As a result, we are experimenting with the wiki remaining open and allowing folks to jump in head first with adding new information. If you're new to editing, please do not add information taken from other fansites - we don't allow plagiarism. This includes text, images, and data. Please reach out to a member of {{bp|Staff}} if you are looking for ideas of specific tasks or projects we are looking for help with.
Additionally, a known issue of Encyclopedia Pokemonis desktop links being broken for logged out users, affecting the ability for our wiki to externally link to other language affiliates has been resolved.
In line with encouraging a wider range of users to contribute during the game release period, we have also decided to trial a new software for the [https://archives.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Main_Page Bulbagarden Archives] that allows all users to upload images; non-autoconfirmed users will have images placed in a moderation queue. Staff members will review and approve images if they are appropriate. As this feature is still undergoing testing, please report any feedback or issues you may experience with a member of Staff so it may be passed along to our technical team to address.
Currently, Bulbapedia tech is prioritizing addressing the following issues affecting user site navigation and experience:
* A known issue of CentralAuth functionality affecting users and their ability to globally log into/link accounts
* A known issue of the newly formatted RecentChanges design being completely broken. The old version has been set as default and users are encouraged to disable the new design in their preferences until we can fix it.
We're just as excited as you for new games - have fun being back in [[Sinnoh]], and happy editing!
A full list of known issues related to the MediaWiki 1.35 upgrade, as well as features and updates on our progress of addressing them, can be found on our {{bp|Technical Update Changelog|changelog}}. The changelog talk page may be used to report many new issues that have not been recorded so our tech can work to address them as soon as possible.
More updates to come!