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===Pokémon Adventures===
{{movemanga|type=rock|exp=yes|gen=The user pointsentombs atits thetarget opponentin and a large number of pointed rocks jut out of the ground under the opponentboulders.|image1=Maylene Meditite Rock Tomb Adventures.png|image1p=Meditite|image2=Giovanni Nidoking Rock Tomb Adventures.png|image2p=Nidoking|image3=Iris Fraxure Rock Tomb Adventures.png|image3p=Fraxure|image4=Groudon Rock Tomb Adventures.png|image4p=Groudon}}
{{movep|type=rock|ms=232|pkmn=Donphan|method=Donphan raises its front two feet in the air and a large pillar of rocks rise out of the ground underneath the opponent and hit it.}}
{{movemid|type=rock|user=Sapphire (Adventures)|user1=Sapphire's Phado|startcode=PS231|startname=Master Class with Masquerain|notes=Debut}}