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* After being recruited
:''"Alola! My name’sname's Elio. Looking forward to spending some time exploring Pasio together!"''
* Sync pair viewer
;Story Event - Hearts United
*'''Lillie's Evolution'''
:''"You can do it, Lillie! Professor Kukui! We’reWe're rooting for you!''"
* Random conversation
:''"If you say Alola to someone, they’llthey'll say it right back to you!"''
:''"Even the other Trainers here on Pasio started doing that! I’mI'm glad everyone’severyone's so open to new things!"''
:''"If you didn’tdidn't know, “Alola” means “Hello” or “How’s“How's it going?”"''
* Random conversation
:''"The more I travel around Pasio, the more friends I make!"''
:''"I’veI've been talking to Lillie and the others about all the cool friends we’vewe've made here!"''
:''"We even talk about you!"''
:''"We talk about how amazing it is that you’reyou're friends with so many people!"''
* Random conversation
:''"Do you know about the island challenge? It’sIt's something we do in Alola, and it’sit's kind of like a rite of passage."''
:''"There are four islands we go to, and each one has some trials to overcome. You have to grow stronger as a person in order to complete them!"''
:''"It’sIt's pretty tough, but we make lots of lifelong memories by going through it."''
* Random conversation
:''"I can’tcan't believe the Elite Four and Gym Leaders from Kanto are here on Pasio! It’sIt's so exciting!"''
:''"They’reThey're all people I really admired before I moved to Alola."''
:''"It’sIt's so exciting how on Pasio, you can go exploring with them and even battle together!"''
* Random conversation
:''"You should come visit me in Alola sometime, too, <player>!"''
:''"I’dI'd be happy to show you around all sorts of fun places there!"''
:''"I really wanna show you all my favorite spots!"''
:''"My friends and I did our best to help her out, but sometimes we ended up doing stuff that got pretty stressful."''
:''"And when that happened, even though Lillie was the one we were trying to help, she got really worried about us!"''
:''"She’sShe's such a good friend. I’mI'm so glad I was able to help her out."''
:* If spoken to again
::''"If you’reyou're ever in trouble, let me know! I’dI'd be more than happy to help you, too!"''
::''"I don’tdon't wanna be the kind of guy who just leaves a friend alone when they’rethey're in trouble."''
::''"Of course, I’llI'll make sure not to overdo it!"''
::''"It’sIt's important to be there for the people you care about."''
* Random conversation
:''"I learned the importance of a lot of things back in Alola. The strength of friendship, being kind, having fun..."''
:''"And also, I learned how important it is to be brave enough to stand up to any obstacle."''
:''"That’sThat's why I think the island challenge was something that helped me grow up a little. At least, I hope I did!"''
:''"Or rather, maybe I should say...we all got stronger together, huh?"''
:* If spoken to again
::''"Y’knowY'know, I have a special photo of me and my friend from when we first set out on the island challenge."''
::''"One of these days, I’llI'll bring it to show you how much we’vewe've grown since then!"''
* Special log-in conversation (generic)
* Special log-in conversation (evening)
:''"When the sun goes down, sometimes you get to see a different side of your friends and Pokémon. It’sIt's what makes exploring at night so much fun!"''
* Special gift conversation