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What happens when we breed Kantonian and Alolan Meowth, both with Everstone, in Galar?--'''[[User:Team Rocket Grunt|<span style="color:#CC0000">Rocket</span>]] [[User talk:Team Rocket Grunt|<span style="color:#666666">Grunt</span>]]''' 14:59, 17 September 2021 (UTC)
:Does it matter that we're not in a region that is any parent's form? (Would the result even be different if we were in Alola rather than Galar; or we're in Galar and it's Galarian Meowth rather than Alolan?) [[User:Nescientist|Nescientist]] ([[User talk:Nescientist|talk]]) 19:17, 20 September 2021 (UTC)