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===={{chap|Sword & Shield}}====
Motostoke first appeared in ''[[PASS02|Crackle!! Practice Battle]]''. A televised program was featured live from there, but the guest star [[Leon]] was late. As it turned out, Leon had gotten lost in the city while trying to find his way to the TV studio.
The city reappeared in [[PASS05]], where {{Henry}} and {{Casey}} registered for the [[Galar League|Gym Challenge]] and spent a night at the Budew Drop Inn, where they also met [[Sonia]], before departing to [[Turffield]] in [[PASS06]].
Henry and Casey returned to Motostoke in [[PASS11]] for their Gym battle against [[Kabu]]. After defeating him, they departed to [[Hammerlocke]] in [[PASS12|the next round]].
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! style="{{roundytl|5px}}" | Stadium
! style="{{roundytr|5px}}" | Budew Drop Inn
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| [[File:Motostoke Stadium Adventures.png|250px]]
| [[File:Budew Drop Inn Adventures.png|100px]]