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Floors 1 through 8 of Hidden Land are medium sized with 3-9 rooms; later floors are large-sized with 4-10 rooms. There's 1-4 items and 2-3 starting enemies on first four floors of Hidden Land and 2-5 items and 2-4 enemies on later floors.
The IQ Booster activates on every even floor (counting Hidden Highland as continuation of Hidden Land). The player is forced tu use the main character and partner even during subsequent visits, including losing when the partner is knocked out. The player cannot be rescued if knocked out in Hidden Highland. The turn limit is 1000. The enemies in this dungeon have 26IQ, granting them Status Checker IQ skill. There is light darkness in the dungeon. Floors 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15 of Hidden Land, as well as floors 3 and 6 of Hidden Highland feature air tiles. Floors 6 and 10 have sunny weather by default, but there's chance of weather on any floor via {{p|Abomasnow}}'s {{a|Snow Warning}} or {{p|Garchomp}} using {{m|Sandstorm}}.
==Pokémon encountered==
===Hidden Land===
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