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The '''Hidden Land''' (Japanese: '''まぼろしのだいち''' ''Phantom Land'') is a Dungeon in [[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness]] and [[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky]]. The Hidden Land has 15 floors, while the Hidden Highland has eight. The Hidden Land was passed down in oral legends for a long time, but nobody had ever found it. It is an area located in a gap in time, or between the split of a second, as {{mdc|Lapras|2}} put it. It was hidden to prevent anything happening to [[Temporal Tower]], which was the home of [[Primal Dialga|Dialga]], controller of time. If the flow of time was disrupted, Temporal Tower would collapse. This would cause time to stop, and the planet would be paralyzed in a shroud of darkness. The only key to entering this land was the partner's [[Relic Fragment]].
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