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As a Flying-type, Fletchling not only has a type advantage over Surskit, but can also avoid the icy battlefield completely. Fletchling defeats Surskit, and Viola brings out Vivillon, whose powerful Gust attack knocks Fletchling into a Sticky Web left behind from one of Surskit’s attacks. Fletchling can’t get away, and Vivillon quickly brings the challenge to an end.
Ash and the others rush off to the Pokémon Center to get help for Pikachu and Fletchling, but Serena notices that Ash has forgotten his [[Bag|backpack]] and follows after them. Alexa offers to help Ash train for his rematch, since her Noivern also knows Gust. After several failed attempts to stand steady against the force of Noivern’s Gust, Pikachu, Fletching, and Ash are all exhausted and frustrated. Serena offers Ash her support...and a question: does he remember her?</i>
At that moment, Serena arrives at the Santalune Gym. Upon seeing Ash, she is so excited that she fails to notice that he is in the middle of a battle, but Alexa notices her and invites her to watch the battle with her, Clemont, and Bonnie from the sidelines. Ash's Fletchling leads off with {{m|Peck}}, which Surskit dodges, and then avoids another Ice Beam from Surskit. Viola's Pokémon then uses {{m|Sticky Web}} and, although Fletchling dodges it with a {{m|Double Team}}, the web covers the ceiling and walls of the Gym. Finally, Fletchling manages to defeat Surskit with a {{m|Razor Wind}} attack. However, Viola sends out her {{p|Vivillon}} next, and Ash takes a moment to check his [[Pokédex]]. Just like with Surskit, Ash begins with Peck, but Vivillon uses {{m|Psychic}} and then {{m|Gust}} to trap Fletchling in one of Surskit's Sticky Webs. Now stuck, Fletchling is unable to dodge Vivillon's {{m|Solar Beam}} and is defeated, making Viola the winner of the match.
Stung by his defeat, Ash requests a [[rematch]] when he is ready for it, to which Viola agrees, and he hurries his Pokémon to the [[Pokémon Center]]. Serena tries to say something to Ash as he leaves, but the latter is too concerned about his injured Pokémon to notice her. However, she notices that Ash left his [[Bag|backpack]] behind by accident and follows him with it. Back at the Gym, Viola shows Alexa the picture of Ash and Pikachu from before and remarks on their strong bond. Viola also mentions that she was unimpressed by Ash's battling style and that their bond wasn't evident in the way they battled that day. Alexa warns her not to underestimate Ash and that things might turn out very differently in their rematch.
Meanwhile, Ash is still upset about his loss, remembering that he was completely overwhelmed by Viola's strategies. As he ponders how he might do things differently next time, Serena returns his backpack to him. Bonnie and Clemont run over, recognizing her from when they were watching Ash's battle. They introduce themselves, and Ash apologizes for not noticing her before since he was so into the battle. He introduces himself, as does Serena, who starts asking him something before being interrupted by the Pokémon Center bell. Pikachu and Fletchling are now fully recovered, and Ash introduces them to Serena. Serena asks [[Nurse Joy]] to look at Fennekin, whom she tells Ash and {{ashfr}} that she Fennekin from {{an|Professor Sycamore}} [[XY004|not too long ago]]. As Nurse Joy examines Fennekin, Alexa arrives at the Center and agrees to help Ash train for his rematch against Viola. On the battlefield at the Pokémon Center, Alexa summons her {{p|Noivern}}, who is also capable of using Gust. Although Pikachu and Fletchling try to stand up to Noivern's Gust, they are blown away, leading Ash to run forward and catch them before they can fall. He encourages his team, and they perform better the second time, but are still ultimately overpowered by the Gust. While Ash wonders how he is going to compensate for Viola's strategies, Serena walks up to him and offers him a handkerchief before asking if he remembers her.