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The Pokémon Past Archive is only accessible in Generation IV, after the player has acquired the National Pokédex. It has no function in the field, but like the [[GB Sounds]], it plays chiptunes from Generation II. It primarily plays music that the player cannot normally listen to with the GB Sounds, such as the game's opening and ending themes. It plays on Sundays after receiving the GB Sounds from the Game Freak employee.
===={{anchor|Hoenn Sound|Hoenn Sound}} and {{anchor|Sinnoh Sound|Sinnoh Sound}}====
The Hoenn Sound and Sinnoh Sound channels are also accessible only in Generation IV, post-National Pokédex. In order to successfully attract Pokémon, the music must be currently playing instead of the location music.
* Hoenn Sound plays a remixed version of the {{rt|101|Hoenn}} theme, which attracts certain wild [[Hoenn]] Pokémon. The song plays on Wednesdays. Attracted Pokémon have a 20% encounter rate each.