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This page serves as a changelog and documentation for Bulbapedia's technical update to Mediawiki 1.35, which took place in April 2021. This page will also be used to document any future changes or updates to Bulbapedia's Mediawiki software.
==June 21, 2021==
====Corrected issues====
* Issue involving broken functions related to user emails have been resolved.
* Issue involving Encyclopedia Pokemonis desktop links being broken for logged out users has been resolved.
====Known issues====
If you notice any bugs (aka surprise features) please don't hesitate to let us know so we can fix them as soon as possible. That being said, here is a list of currently identified issues tech is working to address:
*'''Log-in/account lockouts''' - Some users experiencing log-in issues/account lockouts following the update
*'''Skin issues'''
**''Logged out skin'' - Missing link to login to Bulbapedia Archives. Dropdowns with links to EP members have disappeared as well and we're working on this.
**''Logged in skin'' - The mobile desktop version of the site is a bit broken at the moment, and we are aware of the ad issues on mobile still getting through despite logged-in users shouldn't be getting ads. On archives as well, we've noted the RC is missing the staff icons in the recent changes.
*'''Mobile app''' - Categories aren't populating with their contents.
*'''Archives searching''' - Search is currently not returning results and doesn't have the file namespace selected by default.
*'''CentralAuth functionality''' affecting users and their ability to globally log into/link accounts
* A known issue of the newly formatted RecentChanges design being completely broken. The old version has been set as default and users are encouraged to disable the new design in their preferences until we can fix it.
==April 21, 2021==