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Cresselia is a {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} that has a blue, swan-like body with a yellow underside. It has pink eyes, a dark pink, round tuft on its head, and a pointed, beak-like snout. There are yellow, crescent-shaped ornaments on the sides of its head that merge together in the back. It has a pointed, tail-like protrusion on its rear. Cresselia has glowing, pink, ring-like wings on its sides and back. withThe paw-likewings protrusionson restingits sides are solid dark pink, while the wing on its chestback is larger and consists of three shades of pink. These wings, especially its back wing, release shining particles and undulate beautifully around the quarter moon. Cresselia'sIt tailhas releasespaw-like anprotrusions undulatedresting andon beautifulits aurora during the quarter moon as wellchest.
Cresselia has the power to dispel nightmares, and holding one of its [[Lunar Wing|feathers]] is said to bring happy dreams. It is also great at recovery and healing techniques. However, as seen [[DP104|in the anime]], it can be quite hostile towards its counterpart, {{p|Darkrai}}. Cresselia is [[signature move|the only known Pokémon]] able to learn {{m|Lunar Dance}}. Cresselia is a female-only species.