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Tomatsu was born on February 4, 1990 in {{wp|Ichinomiya, Aichi|Ichinomiya}}, {{wp|Aichi Prefecture}}, {{wp|Japan}} and became seiyū and singer as an adult. Tomatsu's joined the {{pkmn|anime}} during the [[M14|fourteenth movie]] as minor role, {{p|Minccino}}. In {{series|XY}}, her role was [[character of the day]] [[Jessica (XY008)|Jessica]]. In {{series|Sun & Moon}}, Tomatsu's major role was [[Mina]], one of the [[Trial Captain]]s. Tomatsu is currently affiliated with {{wp|Sony Music Entertainment Japan}} and a member of Japanese idol group, {{wp|Sphere (Japanese band)|Sphere}}. She also won both Best Supporting Actress and Synergy Award during the {{wp|7th Seiyu Awards}} of 2013 and the {{wp|9th Seiyu Awards}} of 2015, respectively. on Jan 11, 2019, Tomatsu had announced her marriages. and had a child in 2021.
==Pokémon roles==