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(→‎Flavors: Technically the multiplier is truncated to 2 decimal places, not rounded to the nearest hundredth https://github.com/pret/pokeruby/blob/0ea1e7620cc5fea1e651974442052ba9c52cdd13/src/berry_blender.c#L1998)
# Set any numbers from the previous result that were negative to 0.
#:Continuing the example above: spicy: 0; dry: 0; sweet: 0; bitter: 8; and sour: 8.
# Multiply all of the flavors by <math>\fractfrac{RPM_{max}}{333} + 1</math>, {{wp|truncation|truncated}} to two decimal places (i.e. rounded down to the nearest hundredth). Round each result to the nearest integer (rounding half up).
#:Continuing with the established example, if the maximum RPM reported at the end of blending is 110.00 RPM, then the multiplier is 1.33 and the result of this step—and the final values for the strengths of the flavors in the Pokéblock—is spicy: 0; dry: 0; sweet: 0; bitter: 11; and sour: 11.