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:''See also: [[Smoothness#List of Berries' smoothness|Smoothness → List of Berries' smoothness]]''
The feel of a Pokéblock is equal to the average [[smoothness]] of the Berries that were used to make it (rounded down), minus the number of peopleBerries whoused participated(i.e. inthe makingnumber itof people participating, (including NPCs). This can be expressed as the following formula (where ''n'' is the number of participantsBerries used):
<math display="block">\mathrm{feel} = \left\lfloor \dfrac{\sum^{n} \mathrm{smoothness}}{n} \right\rfloor - n</math>
The maximum value for a Pokéblock's feel is 99, although the highest feel that could be created using the Berry Blender is 83.