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:''See also: [[Smoothness#List of Berries' smoothness|Smoothness → List of Berries' smoothness]]''
The feel of a Pokéblock is determinedequal byto the average [[smoothness]] of the Berries that wentwere intoused makingto make it and(rounded down), minus the number <code>n</code> of people who participated in making it, (including NPCs). This can be expressed as shownthe following formula (where ''n'' is the number of belowparticipants):
<math display="block">\mathrm{feel} = \left\lfloor \dfrac{\sum^{n} \mathrm{smoothness}}{n} \right\rfloor - n</math>
:<code>''Feel'' = ( ( ''Smoothness''<sub>1</sub> + ... + ''Smoothness<sub>n</sub>'' ) / ''n'' ) - ''n''</code>
The result of this calculation is rounded down. The maximum value for a Pokéblock's feel is 99, although the highest feel that could be created using the Berry Blender is 83.
The Berries of each smoothness are listed below. Berries in ''italics'' are [[e-Reader]] Berries, some of which were neverexclusively releasedavailable for EnglishJapanese games.
{| class="roundy sortable" style="margin:auto; background: #{{contest color}}; border: 3px solid #{{contest color dark}}"