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* Prior to {{g|Sword and Shield}}, the displayed weight in pounds for {{p|Mr. Mime}}, {{p|Furret}}, {{p|Porygon2}}, {{p|Linoone}}, {{p|Lombre}}, {{p|Torkoal}}, and {{p|Rayquaza}} were incorrectly rounded down, displaying as 0.1 lbs. lower than the correctly rounded value.
* Several [[glitch Pokémon]] from Generation I, such as [[MissingNo.]], far exceed normal weight measurements. For example, the heaviest real Pokémon weigh in at 2204.4 lbs. (999.9 kg), while [[MissingNo.]] weighs 3507.2 lbs. (1590.8 kg), and [[h POKé]] weighs 6099.0 lbs. (2766.5 kg).
* In {{g|Crystal}} only, there is a [[glitch]] that causes the retrieved weights of {{p|Kadabra}}, {{p|Tauros}}, and {{p|Sunflora}} to become junk data that are, in turn, interpreted as massive weights, causing these particular Pokémon to receive the +40 capture modifier.<ref>https://github.com/pret/pokecrystal/blob/master/engine/items/item_effects.asm#L763</ref>