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Thanks to Spriteit for some of the language here
(Thanks to Spriteit for some of the language here)
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The day is finally here, Bulbapedia is open again at last! Over the past several weeks, Bulbapedia tech has been hard at work behind the scenes upgrading and bringing the wiki to modern standards and cutting back on a lot of the technical debt that has accumulated over the years. Because this was the first time in quite some time we performed work of this nature, this ended up being a much lengthier process than expected. There's been a whole host of bugs that have been addressed too. Below is a small list of some of the new features that you will now encounter as you browse through the site. Note that you may also need to reset your cookies for the site due to several changes in the back-end as well.
Annddddd we’re back! As some of you may have witnessed over the past 48 hours or so, Team Rainbow Rocket interrupted and temporarily gained access to Bulbapedia during our attempt at performing our scheduled site update.
*New features you may notice
Fear not however, Bulbapedia staff has regained control of the site once again. However, there were more damage to the servers done than expected and we’ll have to keep editing locked for a *bit* longer as we repair and shore up our defenses to prevent an incident like this from occurring again. Stay tuned for a full status update later this week once this work is complete.
**'''Two factor authentication (2FA)''' for logging in has been enabled to keep your account secure.
**'''Toolbars''' - The edit box now has an updated toolbar. To reenable the old version, you will have to go under "Gadgets" under "Preferences" and select the legacy bar.
**An overall smoother site experience
**'''Extension:CategoryTree''' - What this will allow you to do now is dig through categories to see subcategories within the upper level categories, so you don't have to go digging through five pages to get where you want when browsing by category.
**'''Global user account renames''' - A feature we lost a while ago, this can now be used again.
**'''Extension:Math**''' - Yes, we can finally display equations properly!
**'''Default edit rate enhanced''' - Those of you that like to watch BulbaBot do its work may notice that they start to move a little faster now, you will too if you can edit that fast!
**'''Recent changes and Watchlist changes''' - These are now powered with JavaScript and introduce some lovely new features that improve their usability, including filters and even live updates.
**'''Enhanced diff pages''' - Allows for some more action options when viewing page diffs.
**'''Password issues''' - You will be notified and be suggested that your password be changed if it is in the list of 100,000 commonly used passwords that are considered bad passwords. Also, your username cannot be included in your password (e.g., if your username is "Spriteit" your password can not be "SpriteitsPassword").
**Additional features that we will announce once more testing is complete.
If you notice any bugs (aka surprise features) please don't hesitate to let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible. That being said, we are aware that some users are experiencing log in issues following the update. If you are experiencing any log in issues/lockouts, please Direct Message @BulbaTech over on the Bulbagarden Discord with the following information:
Thank you again for your patience and we can’t wait to be open for business again soon!
*Your Bulbapedia username
*A link to your userpage (if you've had one created before)
*Your email address
We are also aware that features involving email such as confirming your email address is also currently unavailable. Tech is working diligently to resolve these issues.
Again, we apologize for the long maintenance period, and we thank you for your patience as we performed this much needed background work. We are extremely grateful for the hard work and many hours put in by our tech specialist, who often works thanklessly to ensure the Bulbapedia experience is as excellent as can be. We appreciate all you do!