Difference between revisions of "Ash's Sirfetch'd"

As shown in [[JN051]], Sirfetch'd, as a Farfetch'd, generally acted cold and aloof towards its Trainer-even attacking Ash with its leek-and is only interested in working towards its goal of becoming a Leek Master. It was even seen rushing into battle against Ash's orders, particularly when it is engrossed in a fight. While its raw power was enough to defeat [[Genba]]'s {{p|Gurdurr}}, it was completely outmatched by [[Rinto]] and {{p|Gallade}}, who were completely in sync with each other. However, during [[Wikstrom]]'s [[Hall of Chivalry]] challenge in [[JN056]], Farfetch'd started to bond with Ash when he saved it from falling and retrieved its leek for it. Seeing Ash's selflessness, Farfetch'd later defended him from Wikstrom's sword, choosing his safety over a battle victory. Upon evolving, Sirfetch'd began displaying a much more chivalrous and gallant demeanor.
Sirfetch'd had protected Ash from the splash of of vehicle proven their bond is munch stronger and it was stated by Goh that they do partake in the protection of one of another.
Sirfetch'd appears to have a mutual rivalry with [[Goh's Farfetch'd|Goh's Kantonian Farfetch'd]]. While the two are normally friendly to each other, they are prone to bickering, which leads to them clashing with their leeks.