Difference between revisions of "Ash's Gengar"

[[File:Ash and Gengar.png|thumb|left|250px|Gengar and Ash]]
[[File:Gengar in shadow.png|thumb|250px|Gengar in Ash's shadow]]
Gengar was once loyal to its previous Trainer, obeying his instructions to remain at the future site of the [[Cerise Laboratory]]. Over time, however, Gengar became resentful of its old Trainer, even to the point of attacking him upon seeing him again and only calming down once he ran away. It grew bitter and developed a hostile nature against all humans, repeatedly attacking them with its powers. After it bonded with Ash and was caught, it became friendlier, though it still seems to have a mischievous streak, such as when it showed its concern for Ash by dumping a pile of apples on top of him, and when it scared [[Ren]] and [[Chloe]] in [[JN057]] by phasing through a wall. Gengar continued to play against Chole's Eevee with silly face as it was trying to make her scared but it didn't work on her. He is exasperated with her, so he leaves.
Gengar dislikes being accused of something it didn't do, as seen in ''[[JN023|Panic in the Park!]]'', when it appeared out of nowhere behind Ash and hit him with {{m|Shadow Ball}} after overhearing him accusing it of stealing Goh's Pokémon's food, and again in [[JN059]], when Gengar appeared out of nowhere behind Ren and began to hold onto him ominously after being accused of bringing Grookey to the lab, only letting him go after he apologized.