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Ash realizes that Goh was trying to get the loose sand to react to water, which leaves Flygon open to a combo of Water Gun and Vacuum Wave attacks. Flygon switches tact and dives underground using {{m|Dragon Rush}} to navigate the sand like water. It eventually strike Sobble, forcing Goh to [[recall]] it before having to contend with an outburst of tears. Ash tries to think of a counter-strategy, but due his thoughts about three consecutive failures in the World Coronation Series, he can't do it and eventually Flygon strikes down him and Riolu, making them stroke in sand with face — Ash's battle spirit is completely broken and he feels himself powerless to do something. As Flygon flies back up, Goh order Raboot use {{m|Double Kick}}. Though the move misses its mark and Flygon goes into a Dragon Rush yet again. Raboot takes its time to listen to Flygon and it manages to successfully evade Flygon's sneak attacks. Flygon escapes two {{m|Ember}} attacks and responds with a {{m|Draco Meteor}}. Goh orders Raboot to keep dodging while closing in to attack, a strategy which Ash questions. However, Goh follows through, suing the Draco Meteors to help Raboot get leverage before having Raboot use Ember on one of the meteors. The combination proves a success, knocking Flygon to the ground before Goh makes the catch. The sandstorm over Mauville City dissipates as a result. Goh lets out a mighty cheer, thanking Raboot for its amazing effort.
Ash is stunned by Goh's surprising combo technique, to which Goh reveals that he developed it from watching Ash battle. Goh adds that he really wanted to use Ember, a move that he and Raboot worked hard to develop. Inspired by this, Ash vows to continue aiming to battle {{pkmn|Champion}} [[Leon]] and realizes his mistake, admitting he tried to only attack from a distance after his loss to Bea's Grapploct's tentacles. Pikachu and Riolu nestle up to Ash, supporting his rediscovered confidence thanks to Goh's newfound determination.
==Major events==