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Following [[JN034|his cruel defeat]] at the hands of [[Bea]], {{Ash}} and his {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} are jogging as a part of their {{pkmn|training}} to avenge herin next timeencounter. Hearing this, [[Goh]] and his {{TP|Goh|Raboot}} decide to join them. Ash suddenly gets an alert on his [[Rotom Phone]], with his next [[World Coronation Series]] opponent standing only feet away. {{DL|Battle judge|Drone Rotom}} soars into to oversee the one-on-one match, with Ash calling on {{AP|Riolu}} against a male {{pkmn|Trainer}} and his {{p|Octillery}}. Ash notes that Octillery will probably move like Bea's {{p|Grapploct}} and warns Riolu to stay back as much as possible. Riolu makes the first attack. Octillery evades the flurry of {{m|Vacuum Wave}}s before striking back with {{m|Psybeam}}, which manages to {{status|confusion|confuse}} Riolu. In its daze, Riolu is unable to escape Octillery's {{m|Wrap}} attack and is struck out by a direct blast of {{m|Octazooka}}. Ash rushes to aid his Riolu, though the defeat causes his official ranking to drop from 930 to 975.
Ash's disappointment quickly subsides when he receives another battle invitation, this time from a female Trainer with a {{p|Tentacruel}}. Ash again calls out his Riolu, warning it to keep its distance. Riolu starts off strong, evading an oncoming {{m|Bubble Beam}} while firing off several Vacuum Waves. However, Riolu gets too close to its opponent, and is battered away by a tentacle. Tentacruel follows on with a {{m|Bind}} before using {{m|Poison Sting}}, leaving Riolu unable to battle. Ash's official ranking again declines for the third consecutive time, now down to rank 1021, landing Ash back in the Normal Class.