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In contrast to the core series, the Speed {{stat|In Pokémon Conquest|stat}} does not affect when a Pokémon goes, but instead affects the accuracy of attacks, with faster Pokémon being harder to hit and better able to land attacks than slower Pokémon. Moves are also not split into physical and special categories; all moves use the attacking Pokémon's Attack and the defending Pokémon's Defense stats, and there is no Special Attack or Special Defense.
===In Pokémon GO===
:''See also: [[List of moves in Pokémon GO]]''
[[File:Move menu GO.png|thumb|Move menu showing the same move sets for the two modes of battles|230px]]
==In the manga==
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
{{m|Water Gun}} was the first move used in the Pokémon Adventures manga. Since then, moves have debuted in a story arc corresponding to the [[generation]] in which the move was introduced. The exceptions are [[Generation I]]'s {{m|Roar}} which was not properly used in battle until the [[Generation II]] {{chap|Gold, Silver & Crystal}}, and {{m|Sweet Scent}}, a Generation II move which debuted in the {{chap|Yellow}}, a Generation I arc.