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Blastoise (Pokémon)

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==In the anime==
===In the mainMain series===
[[File:Tierno Blastoise.png|thumb|250px|left|Blastoise in the {{pkmn|anime}}]]
[[File:Siebold Mega Blastoise.png|thumb|250px|Mega Blastoise in the anime]]
===In Pokémon Origins===
[[File:Blue Blastoise PO.png|thumb|250px|Blastoise in [[Pokémon Origins]]]]
In ''[[PO01|File 1: Red]]'', a Blastoise was one of the Pokémon seen in [[Professor Oak]]'s introduction.
{{OBP|Blue|Origins}} sent out his Blastoise in ''[[PO04|File 4: Charizard]]'' during his {{pkmn|Champion}} battle with {{OBP|Red|Origins}}. It defeated Red's {{p|Persian}} and {{p|Jolteon}}, but lost to his {{TP|Red|Charizard}}.
===In Pokémon Generations===
[[File:Blue Blastoise PG.png|thumb|left|250px|Blastoise in [[Pokémon Generations]]]]
{{ga|Blue}} owns a Blastoise, which appeared in ''[[PG03|The Challenger]]''. He used it during his [[Indigo League|Pokémon League]] battle against [[Lance]] and his {{TP|Lance|Dragonite}}, where it eventually won, allowing Blue to become the new Champion.
===In the GOTCHA! music video===
A Blastoise briefly appeared in [[GOTCHA!]], under the ownership of {{ga|Red}}.
[[File:Blasty.png|thumb|left|230px|Blastoise in [[Pokémon Adventures]]]]
[[File:Blasty Mega Blastoise.png|thumb|230px|Mega Blastoise in [[Pokémon Adventures]]]]
===In the Ash & Pikachu manga===
{{main|Gary's Blastoise}}
[[Gary Oak]] owns a Blastoise that appeared in ''[[SP16|One Half Of A Poké Ball]]''. It was the final Pokémon Gary used during his match with Ash, where it fought {{AP|Pikachu}}.
===In the Darkrai Mission Story: Pokémon Ranger Vatonage - the Comic manga===
[[Kellyn]] captured a Blastoise to put out the fire in the [[Vien Forest]] in ''[[PRV1|A Fresh Start]]'' before eventually releasing it.
===In the Magical Pokémon Journey manga===
{{MPJ|Squirtle}} has two older sisters who are Blastoise. Their names are Kameko and Kamemi and they appear in ''[[PPP19|The Five Sisters of Squirtle]]''. Kameko is the oldest of all of Squirtle's siblings, with Kamemi as the second-oldest.
===In the movieMovie adaptations===
[[Neesha]]'s Blastoise, nicknamed '''Shellshocker''', appears in {{ma|Mewtwo Strikes Back!}}. {{OBP|Mewtwo|M01}}'s Blastoise clone, named '''Blastoisetwo''', also appears.
[[File:Blue Blastoise PM.png|thumb|200px|Blastoise in [[Pokémon Pocket Monsters]]]]
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
One of {{adv|Green}}'s main Pokémon is a Blastoise nicknamed [[Blasty]], which evolved from {{p|Wartortle}} prior to ''[[PS030|Zap! Zap! Zapdos!]]''. In the {{chap|Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire}}, he has obtained a [[Blastoisinite]], with it he can [[Mega Evolution|Mega Evolve]] into Mega Blastoise.
A Blastoise was fantasied along with the other fully evolved Kanto Starters in ''[[PS150|Chinchou in Charge]]'', where the [[Pokémon Association]] Chairman of Kanto and Johto explains to {{adv|Bill}} and [[Janine]] the special privilege of entering the finals unconditionally after collecting the badges.
===In the Pokémon Gold & Silver: The Golden Boys manga===
A Blastoise appears in ''[[GB19|The Truth About The Mysterious Whirl Islands!!]]''. It had ruled over the island for a century before turning violent. At Slowking's request, {{OBP|Gold|Golden Boys}} defeats it, destroying Slowking's Cave in the process. The Blastoise later appears at the end of ''[[GB20|A Serious Crisis!! The Battle With The Lugia]]'' along with Slowking and Lugia.
===In the Pokémon Gotta Catch 'Em All manga===
A Blastoise appeared in ''[[GDZ05|A Mischievous Wartortle]]''.
A Blastoise appeared in [[GDZ38]], under the ownership of [[Three turtle siblings|Kameta]].
===In the Pokémon Pocket Monsters manga===
{{main|Blue's Blastoise (Pocket Monsters)}}
A Blastoise appeared in ''[[PM004|Let's Get that Moon Rock!!]]'', under the ownership of [[Misty]].
A Blastoise appeared in ''[[PM112|Special Fireworks!!]]''.
===In the Pokémon Ruby-Sapphire manga===
A Blastoise appeared in ''[[PMRS53|Clefairy's Golf Debut!]]''.
===In the Pokémon Zensho manga===
In [[Pokémon Zensho]], {{Zensho|Shigeru}}'s Squirtle eventually evolved into a Blastoise that fought {{Zensho|Satoshi}}'s {{p|Charizard}} for the title of Champion of the Pokémon League.