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→‎Personality and characteristics: in the new episode was shown that he didn't liek Eveee to do that to itself.
m (→‎Personality and characteristics: in the new episode was shown that he didn't liek Eveee to do that to itself.)
[[File:Gengar in shadow.png|thumb|250px|Gengar in Ash's shadow]]
Gengar was once loyal to its previous Trainer, obeying his instructions to remain at the future site of the [[Cerise Laboratory]]. Over time, however, Gengar became resentful of its old Trainer, even to the point of attacking him upon seeing him again and only calming down once he ran away. It grew bitter and developed a hostile nature against all humans, repeatedly attacking them with its powers. After it bonded with Ash and was caught, it became friendlier, though it still seems to have a mischievous streak, such as when it showed its concern for Ash by dumping a pile of apples on top of him, and when it scared [[Ren]] and [[Chloe]] in [[JN057]] by phasing through a wall. Gengar dislikes being accused of something it didn't do, as seen in ''[[JN023|Panic in the Park!]]'', when it appeared out of nowhere behind Ash and hit him with {{m|Shadow Ball}} after overhearing him accusing it of stealing Goh's Pokémon's food.
According Chole, she belives that Gengar had continued to scare the scientists for being left behind by Ash and he shown to be thrill with Chole's Eviee not being afraid but instead playing with it back. As It was bit upset for that playful behavior.
In {{pkmn|battle}}, Gengar takes advantage of its {{type|Ghost}} abilities, allowing it to easily escape snares and confound opponents, as seen in ''[[JN018|Destination: Coronation!]]'', where it was able to escape the tail hold of [[Visquez]]'s {{p|Raichu}} simply by phasing through it. However, in the same episode, it was revealed to have trouble combating faster opponents such as her {{p|Electrode}}, and later Korrina's {{p|Mienshao}} and {{TP|Korrina|Lucario}}. Gengar also has the ability to become invisible and to disappear and reappear. Like all of its species, Gengar is also able to decrease the temperature of its surroundings, as seen in ''Best Friend...Worst Nightmare!''; and hide in the shadows, as seen in ''[[JN016|A Chilling Curse!]]''.