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In the main series
In ''[[JN044|Sword and Shield: From Here to Eternatus!]]'', still studying the statue, Sonia and Goh are approached by more of Oleana's subordinates, which forces the two to flee. Their next stop after that is on [[Slumbering Weald]], when they go deeper into the forest, Sonia and Goh meet the legendary Pokémon. Sonia and Goh end up finally finding the altar where Zacian and Zamazenta rested. Goh ends up finding the [[Rusted Sword]] and [[Rusted Shield]] and decide to leave for [[Hammerlocke]] where Ash and Leon were. Before they can enter the [[Hammerlocke Gym]], they have several [[Macro Cosmos]] thugs waiting for them, in order to buy time for Goh, Sonia asks him to move on. When henchmen use their Pokémon, Sonia with no way out is saved by [[Raihan]]'s arrival.
In ''[[JN045|Sword and Shield: The Legends Awaken!]]'', it is shown that Raihan managed to defeat the henchmen easily, with that and with the fury of {{p|Eternatus}} starting to destroy the place, Sonia decides to go to the place of the battle. There she finds Leon almost defeated and tries to help him. When everything seemed lost, Zacian and Zamazenta join Goh and Ash to defeat the Pokémon. When they finally defeat the huge Pokémon in its last form, Goh and Ash capture it, and Sonia and Leon thank them for their work. In the end, Sonia is seen talking about everything that happened. And Magnolia decides to leave the responsibility of looking after {{p|Eternatus}}, now sealed in a safe, with her new position as Professor.