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[[File:Pokémon Adventures DE volume 1 Ed 2.png|thumb|100px|left|Pokémon Adventures volume 1 in German (second edition)]]
SinceThe Octoberpublication rights to Pokémon Adventures were picked up in 2013, by [[Panini Comics]]. hasPublication releasedbegan with the first eight volumes of the {{chap|Black & White}}, released under the title '''{{tt|Pokémon: Schwarz und Weiss|Pokémon: Black and White}}'''. At first the release schedule was one every two or three months. In May 2015, Panini Comics started releasing translated{{chap|X & Y}} in [[List of Pocket Monsters Special XY volumes|JapaneseShogakukan’s mini-volumesvolume format]] of the {{chap|X & Y}}and under the title '''{{tt|Pokémon X und Y|Pokémon X and Y}}'''. Beginning in January 2016, itfollowed started releasing volumes of Pokémon Adventures, these volumes combine theby {{chap|Red, Green & Blue}} withunder the title '''{{chaptt|Yellow}}.Pokémon: AsDie ofersten MarchAbenteuer|Pokémon: 2020,The thefirst German versionAdventures}}'''s latestin volumeJanuary prior2016. toIn 2017 the {{chap|Blackrelease-cycle &of White}}new isvolumes {{PAV|31}}changed to once a month.
As of March 2021, Panini Comics have released 66 volumes in total, with only the {{chap|Diamond & Pearl}}, {{chap|Platinum}} and {{chap|HeartGold & SoulSilver}} not being complete. The first volume of {{chap|Sword & Shield}} is set to go on sale in April 2021.