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In the main series
As Ash introduced himself and his {{AP|Pikachu}}, Sonia became infatuated with the Mouse Pokémon, gushing over Pikachu and caressing his ears, despite Pikachu's annoyance. She subsequently caressed {{TP|Goh|Raboot}}'s ears, being just as enamored with the Rabbit Pokémon. She then properly introduced herself as [[Professor Magnolia]]'s assistant and granddaughter. Then, Sonia explained that it was her "homework" to study the Darkest Day.
In ''[[JN042|Sword and Shield: Slumbering Weald]]'', Sonia was driving a car to chase Dynamax energy falling from the sky, and she picked Goh up along the way. The two decide to travel together to find out what was happening in the region, without realizing that they were being followed by someone at [[Oleana]]'s behest.
In [[JN043]], Sonia takes Goh to Turtfield, both visited the town to see its famous geoglyph, theorizing what connection it could have to Dynamax. From there, they head to Wedgehurst where Sonia introduced her grandmother to Goh and handed him a [[Dynamax Band]] from a Wishing Star that Sonia and Goh found. When they meet Magnolia, she tells about her progress in researching the Galar legend up until that moment, some time later they decide to travel to [[Stow-on-Side]], but before that Magnolia warns her granddaughter and Goh about the danger that Rose represents. When she and Goh arrive at the city mural, they are approached by the [[Oleana's subordinate|mysterious man]] sent by Oleana, who decides to battle Goh. During the battle, Goh's Rabbot accidentally destroys the mural, thus revealing a statue of {{p|Zacian}} and {{p|Zamazenta}}.