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Traditionally, Mediaset, since its origins, has always created openings for cartoons and anime, some independent from the Japanese and North American opening themes. For Pokémon, nine themes have been made (for the first ten seasons and for Pokémon Chronicles). For [[S06|Pokémon: Advanced]] and [[S07|Pokémon: Advanced Challenge]], and for [[S08|Pokémon: Advanced Battle]] and [[S09|Pokémon: Battle Frontier]], the same opening themes have been used. This makes Italy one of only three known dubs outside of Japan and the United States to create original music for the Pokémon anime, the other two being {{pmin|Greater China}} and {{pmin|South Korea}}.
A CD compilation of several of the Italian opening themes, [[The Master Saga]], was released in 2006. Although the Italian dub has its own music, an Italian-language translation of the ''[[Pokémon 2.B.A. Master]]'' soundtrack was also released, entitled ''{{tt|Pokémon: Le Canzoni Autentiche Della Serie TV|Pokémon: The Authentic Songs From The TV Series}}'', including the [[Pokémon (song)|first Italian opening]] as a bonus track.
Italy began to dub the official American themes of the first ten seasons from 2014 to 2016. The only possible reason for dubbing the older English openings and episodes is because of the transition made from ''Merak Film'' to ''Studio Asci'' in 2009, similar to the switch in the same year from 4Kids Entertainment to Pokémon USA. Since some of the voice actors were replaced, they decided to re-dub and re-translate seasons 1 through 10 (previously made by ''Merak Film'') using the new voice actors basing every aspect of each episode, including the intros and endings, entirely on the American dub. Many episodes are available on the official Italian Pokémon site and on Nintendo Anime Channel for Nintendo 3DS as well.