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::Okay many thanks, does anyone know the name of it, or know of anything on the internet where its shown? ive looked all on here and found nothing, and done about 6 searches on google but it only to no avail
== Black Dots On Right Hand Side Of MewTwo & Dragonite Promos On WOTC's Official Site ==
I noticed that on an archive of the Wizards Of The Coast site on the page talking about promo cards for the first movie that the MewTwo, and Dragonite cards on the right hand side three black dots on those images used, with the right half of the dots being on the yellow border, with the Electrabuzz, and Pikachu cards not having this.
I was wondering why the reasoning for these black dots are, maybe to prevent counterfeits from the site? Doubt it with how low res those images are.
[https://web.archive.org/web/20000303065748/http://www.wizards.com/pokemon/moviecards.asp Here's the page that I viewed which has these cards I'm talking about btw.]--[[User:Teh supar hackr|Teh supar hackr]] ([[User talk:Teh supar hackr|talk]]) 09:33, 15 February 2021 (UTC)