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====Passive effect====
If brought to the one of the following locations, the Helix Fossil can be regenerated into an {{p|Omanyte}}.
=====Generation I and III=====
In the Generation I and III games, the Helix Fossil is a [[Key Item]].
In {{game|Emerald}}, the Helix Fossil (as well as the [[Dome Fossil]] and [[Old Amber]]) is found in the game data, but it is [[List of unobtainable items|not legitimately obtainable]] and has no effect. The player is unable to regenerate this fossil in the [[Devon Corporation]].
=====Generation IV onward=====
=====Generation IV onward=====
From Generation IV onward, the Helix Fossil is no longer a Key Item, and is a normal item. Therefore, multiples of them can be obtained, they can be [[held item|held]], and sent to other players via [[trade|trading]].