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* Several Pokémon have had their categories altered between generations. This is primarily due to character limitations in earlier Pokémon games. {{p|Squirtle}}, as an example, was originally the "<sc>TinyTurtle</sc> Pokémon". It was later listed as the "<sc>Tiny Turtle</sc> Pokémon".
** It is likely that it was always intended for most of these Pokémon to have longer categories, as the TCG cards for those Pokémon used those longer categories in their info boxes. For example, Squirtle was a "Tiny Turtle Pokémon" and Meowth was a "Scratch Cat Pokémon" since their very first cards in {{TCG|Base Set}}. On the other hand, Celebi was known as a "Timetravel Pokémon" on its TCG cards until {{TCG|Triumphant}}, when its category was altered to "Time Travel Pokémon".
* The categories present in {{game|FireRed and LeafGreen|s}} are cut off in early English releases of the games, most specifically those made up of more than one word with a space in between. This causes Pokémon like Pidgey to be listed as "Tiny Pokémon" rather than "Tiny Bird Pokémon". [[{{OBP|Pokédex data structure in |Generation III|Internal game data]]}} lists the category the same as it appears in {{game2|Ruby|Sapphire|Emerald}} and other games, indicating a glitch in the Pokédex where a blank space is confused for the terminating byte for the name. This was addressed in later releases of the game.
* The previous term, "species", should not be confused with a [[Pokémon (species)|Pokémon species]], since several different Pokémon can be identified by the same category in the Pokédex, no matter how distantly related. This term should also not be confused with the real world definition of {{wp|species}}.
* Eight species of Pokémon are known as the Dragon Pokémon, making it the category with the most Pokémon species.