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===Typographical errors===
[[File:Pokcet.png|thumb|The Teachy TV error, showing "Pocket" as "Pokcet"]]
* Any {{pkmn|category}} names with more than one word are [[List of glitches in Generation III#Pokédex category oversight|cut off]] in early English releases of the games, causing for example Pokémon like {{p|Pidgey}} to be listed as "Tiny Pokémon" rather than "Tiny Bird Pokémon." [[{{OBP|Pokédex data structure in |Generation III|Internal game data]]}} lists the categories the same as they appear in {{game2|Ruby|Sapphire|Emerald}} and other games, indicating a mistake in the Pokédex where a blank space is misread for the terminating byte for the name. This was addressed in the later Player's Choice releases of the game. Alongside the missing word "Presents" in the game's opening, this is the easiest way to tell whether a particular game is a v1.0 or v1.1 release.
* In [[Teachy TV]], during the program about registering items, the second instance of the word pocket in the phrase "Key Items Pocket" is misspelled as "Pokcet". This was not addressed in v1.1.